About Us

Chef Cory

Chef Cory has been in the baking industries since 1985 and has worked at many high-end properties in LA. Such as: The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Millennium Biltmore Hotel and Sheraton Grande LA. He also ran his wholesale/retail bakery in LA for 8 years.

In the mid 2000’s he moved to Las Vegas and was hired as the Pastry Chef At Harrah’s Las Vegas. After that, he worked in Bakery/pastry sales and consulting here in Las Vegas for many years.

Then returning to the pastry kitchen as Pastry Chef at Caesar’s Palace. He was later offered the job as Operational Manager at the bakery late in 2015.


In late 2019, Chef Cory and Chef Jesus purchased the bakery and have brought new life to the bakery.

They have rebranded the bakery which is now known as:


In 2020, Chef Cory and the bakery won the 3rd best chocolatier in Las Vegas.

That was quite the accomplishment, being the new bakery/chocolate shop in town

With so many other big names in chocolate here in Las Vegas!

Chef Cory has a great passion for chocolate and you can see his creations online and when you visit their store.

Chef Jesus

Chef Jesus Was hired on by Chef Cory at Lelysee Bakery in 2017 as the Bakery manager, they have known each other in the professional bakery/pastry industry for over ten years.

Chef Jesus has also been in the bakery/pastry industry for over 30 years.He started his professional career back in 1985, he was hired as a baker at the Millennium Biltmore in LA.

He moved to Las Vegas in 1989 were he was hired as a baker in the Mirage and when Treasure Island opened, he was transferred and hired as Assistant Executive Pastry Chef.

He worked at TI for ten years and then was promoted to Executive Pastry Chef at the Monte Carlo. He worked at the Monte Carlo for 12 years before joining Chef Cory at the bakery.